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About The Gipsy Bag

The Gipsy Bag was created out of the need to simplify day-to-day life. Women are busier than ever and multi-tasking like crazy. Whether you are a student, working woman, mom, wife or combination, you need to be as organized as possible to keep from pulling your hair out!

Kym Whitney, creator of The Gipsy Bag, is a working mom who knows just how difficult it can be trying to keep afloat while taking care of the millions of little things that need to be done each day. One of her daily frustrations was digging through her purse trying to find her lipstick, cell phone, car keys, sunglasses, checkbook, you name it...She knew there had to be a more civilized way of finding things in her purse. She tried Ziploc bags, cosmetic bags, and other purse organizers, but nothing quite did the job. After numerous attempts sketching various designs and testing samples, she finally came up with an organizer that did the trick. Not only did it keep her purse in order, but she could quickly and easily transfer it from one handbag to another with zero fuss! Kym also realized her organizer could be used for other purposes. The Gipsy Bag could be used in diaper bags, gym bags, by itself as a purse, for make-up artists or hair stylists to hold their tools or products, and so on... This was her "AH-HA" moment. She knew women all over the globe would love it just as much as she did. The final touch was to produce the bag with stylish, high quality fabrics and hardware so women would be proud to show it off.

The name The Gipsy Bag was chosen because the name "Gipsy" exudes the feeling of being free and able to travel from one place to another.  Your Gipsy Bag is "free to go wherever you go." Just imagine the stories it could tell!


Remember to release your inner Gipsy every once in awhile. You deserve it!


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