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Here at The Gipsy Bag’s blog, not only will you read about The Gipsy Bag’s life on the go, but there will also be travel tips and stories, info on fav products, updates on new patterns & colors soon to be released, and anything else we deem newsworthy!

And, if you don’t already have a Gipsy Bag, you better grab yourself one….Just imagine the stories it could tell!

Kenya Bag @ The Renaissance Club Sport, Aliso Viejo, CA

I thought I should probably give a shout out to this place since I frequent it…oh…about 5 days a week… The Renaissance Club Sport in Aliso Viejo, CA  is a hybrid hotel and fitness club combo. It’s a great place to be a member. The gym is impeccable, the classes and instructors are AWESOME, and the facilities are amazing. You can take a class, shoot some hoops or play racquetball, go hang out at the pool, and even have some cocktails to reward yourself for your hard work….On the weekends during the summer they have a DJ spinning tunes at the pool. They have a tent for bbq-ing and serving cocktails. There is also a cafe with a great menu of smoothies and protein drinks. The outdoor dining/lounge is a great place to relax with friends. On Friday nights they have a really fun reggae band…The club is great for families, singles, etc. If you live in the area, you should def check this place out.

Maybe I’ll see you there….XO, The Kenya Bag

Vienna Bag hangs out @ The Lab in Costa Mesa

It was a perfect Southern California day when I headed to The Lab in Costa Mesa to hang out w/ the girls. We met at “Habana” for brunch. This is one cool spot. The indoor/outdoor space is done in this old world rustic decor that is very hip. The patio is very large and decorated with lots of plants, flowers, vine, etc. Our meal was awesome, but better yet was the Sangria Blanca. Not to sweet. Just right. They dice up green apples for garnish, which adds some pizzaz to the drink… Make sure to order a pitcher, or two, or three. LOL. After hanging out for almost 2 hrs at Habana, we decided to walk around the shops at both The Lab and The Camp… Never a dull moment looking at the unique clothing, jewelry, art that fills these artisan shops. No outdoor live bands playing today, which was a little disappointing, but it could have been due to the 4th of July holiday…The only thing we purchased were some fireworks at the little stand next to The Lab. Not bad considering it’s quite rare to ever leave without buying at least one article of clothing or jewelry. There is always next time though!


The Vienna Bag


The Vintage California Bag heads to Barcelona, Spain

Well, I’ve been filled to the brim with all sorts of goodies for our trip to Barcelona, Spain. Last time I looked around I had the following items stuffed into me…Antibacterial hand wash, MAC lipstick and lipgloss, Clinique eyeliner, Chanel foundation and powder, bobby pins, ipod, cell phone, passport, business cards, Orbit cinnamint gum (I love the smell of this stuff!), feminine products, Tylenol, other random medications (I think I saw some Xanax… Kym, my owner, always take this when she travels on a plane), nail polish, Gas-x (gotta have this. you know how awful airplane food is.

Yuck), Beano (to try and avoid having to take Gas-X, US currency and Euros, credit cards…Well, I think there is more, but aren’t you getting bored reading all this?

We fly out of LAX through Paris (love the Charles de Gaulle airport by the way.Probably my absolute favorite) to Barcelona. The flight is the usual boring uneventful experience. The plane is crowded, which certainly shows people are still spending money to travel.

We arrive at our hotel, which is the amazing Hotel Arts. It’s a Ritz Carlton property. I can’tbegin to explain how awesome this place is..It’s a modern high end hotel located right on the Mediterranean Sea. Our room has the most gorgeous view of the ocean from high in the sky…The spa is 5 star. The food to die for. The location could’t be better. You walk right out of the hotel onto the main paths along the ocean. There are restaurants, clubs, people riding bikes, jogging, boating, etc.

The trip consisted of LOTS of partying at the CLUBS!! This place is crazy!..I haven’t been anywhere, yet, that can match the nightlife in Barcelona.

We would get to the first club around 12midnight and leave around 7am…We danced, had drinks, met new people all night long… The great thing about Barcelona is that even the Tapas Bars are open throughout the night. The city really comes to life after dark.

When we would finally wake up around 12noon. We would eat a nice healthy salad or tapas and head to the gym. After everyone was feeling up to speed again, it was off to see the sights. Barcelona iscity mixed with old world architecture and new modern architecture..It’s cool to see how the two blend together so easily. A fun place to check out is Las Ramblas, a well known boulevard in Barcelona,filled with cafes, markets, shops, museums, and very interesting human art statues and street performers.

Happy Travels,

The Vintage Cali Bag